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classic hydronics
Classic Hydronics - How To Get The Most From Those Older Hot-Water Heating Systems, by Dan Holohan
Our Price: $25.00


Most of the buildings you visit are probably older than you are because, let's face it, America is a heating museum. Many of those buildings have hydronic heating systems that have been touched by lots of hands over the years and it's your job to get them working efficiently. So let's talk about how those classic hydronic systems work, where they came from, how they've changed over the years, and what you can do right now to get the most out of them without breaking the bank. That's what this book is about. I cover everything from systems that worked purely on gravity to classic radiant systems and everything along the way. Oh, and I promise you a bunch of really good stories before we're through. You will not be bored.

Why shouldn't you be the one with the answers?

Dan Holohan

ratings for old radiators
E.D.R. - Ratings for Every Darn Radiator (and convector) you'll probably ever see, by Dan Holohan
Our Price: $39.95


If you're replacing a steam boiler, there's only one right way to size that boiler, and that's to measure the radiators. If you're replacing a hot-water boiler, you'll do a heat-loss calculation on the building as it is today, but it also pays to measure the radiation to see if you can reduce the water's temperature and save fuel. The challenge, though, is that it's often difficult to find the ratings for many of those old radiators and convectors, and that's why I compiled this book. I've been saving heating books and heating-manufacturers' literature since 1970. I have a lot of this stuff. E.D.R. is 272 pages of nothing but radiator and convector ratings and if that old unit is out there in the field, it's probably also in this book. This is a terrific resource for any heating professional who wants to get it right the first time. And as with everything we sell, if you're not delighted, just sent it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Dan Holohan

Go with the Flow
Go with the Flow - Holohan's Hydronic Book Package
Our Price: $114.95

The Go with the Flow book package contains five of Dan Holohan's most popular hydronic heating books at a discounted price. You'll get Hydronic Radiant Heating, How Come?, Pumping Away, Primary-Secondary Pumping Made Easy!, and Classic Hydronics. These easy-to-understand books will give you a solid education in plumbing and piping. Go with the flow and get up to speed on hydronics as fast as can be!
How Come? Hydronic heating answers
How Come? Hydronic heating questions we've been asking for 100 years (with straight answers!), by Dan Holohan
Our Price: $25.00


I wrote How Come? in a Q&A format, which I love because it reminds me of the old heating texts that line my shelves. This one covers all the classic hydronic systems::

  • Gravity systems
  • Indirect radiation
  • Diverter tee systems
  • Loop systems
  • Radiant heating
  • Hot water zones taken off of steam boilers

It's a great reference book, and a fine way to get up to speed if you're new to hydronic heating. It's filled with more than 600 questions and dozens of easy-to-follow illustrations. And if you're not delighted, I'll give you a full refund.

Dan Holohan

Hydronic Radiant Heating
Hydronic Radiant Heating: A Practical Guide for the Nonengineer Installer
Our Price: $25.00


I wrote this book for people who prefer plain-English explanations of how things work. You won't find much math in this book. No formulas. No mumbo-jumbo. What you will find are simple words of ordinary conversation, and a lot of very easy-to-follow drawings relating to hydronic radiant heating. There are also stories - lots of them! I like to tell stories about the things I've seen as I've traveled around the US, Canada and Europe, looking at hydronic radiant installations. I've seen installers do things the right way and the wrong way, and I learned from them all. I dug into old books as well as the current literature to write this one, and I did my very best to boil down the engineering into understandable terms.

This book contains 215 pages of practical, common sense information that you can use right away. I've made lots of analogies to things you already know. Hydronic radiant heating doesn't have to be complicated or spooky. There are rules of thumb that work, and installers are using them with great success every day. There are simple ways to install and control these systems. I'll show you how.

All in all, you're going to find straight answers to direct questions in this book. I've done my best to present a subject that I love in a way that I think you will find both informative and very enjoyable.
Lessons Learned in a Boiler Room
Lessons Learned in a Boiler Room, by Ray Wohlfarth
Our Price: $30.00


When it comes to knowing his way around commercial boiler rooms, Ray Wohlfarth has no peer. And when it comes to telling stories, well, he enjoys that as much as I do, which is what makes this one such a terrific read. Everything in this book comes from Ray's years of real-world experience and he pulls no punches. This is an eye-opening text and I recommend it to you if you're tasked with finding quick solutions to tough problems. Ray covers every aspect of commercial boiler rooms - from safety, to sizing, to venting, to constructions, to everything else. This guy is as good as it gets, but if you're not delighted with his book, just mail it back to me for a full refund. You can't lose.

Dan Holohan

Lessons Learned: Connecting Boilers to Old Pipes by Ray Wohlfarth
Lessons Learned: Connecting New Boilers to Old Pipes, by Ray Wohlfarth
Our Price: $30.00


When Ray told me he was writing this book I smiled because this guy has more real-world, boiler-room experience than anyone I’ve ever met, and he pulls no punches. These days, everyone wants high-efficiency equipment. It’s become almost a cliché, but what happens when you connect a high-efficiency, gas-fired boiler to an antique piping system? You know the sort we find in so many American buildings. You think you’re going to get what the manufacturer promises? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t, and that’s where Ray comes in. The man has a way with words and his stories and humor keep this book rolling along, from the opening line (which cracked me up) to the intentionally and appropriately end page, which happens to be a boiler-friendly 212. Along the way, Ray covers everything from gas trains to water treatment. The book is loaded with charts and sizing information and it’s a book you’ll use often. Get one!

Dan Holohan
how to service boilers
Lessons Learned: Servicing Boilers, by Ray Wohlfarth
Our Price: $39.95

Things to Know When Maintaining Low-Pressure Steam & Hydronic Boilers

By: Ray Wohlfarth

This book will answer some of the most mystifying questions that have puzzled service technicians for years such as:

  • How could a horse help with a leaking boiler?
  • Can a flame actually conduct electricity?
  • How can Alka Seltzer tablets be used as a boiler room alarm?
  • Is there really a gas valve that can ignite if exposed to moisture?
  • How does counting bubbles help diagnose a leaking valve?
  • How can a boiler with 4 times the level of carbon monoxide than another one be safer?
  • Which is faster; Hot Water or Steam?
  • How often should you test a boiler relief valve?
  • Why does the radiator not heat all the way across?
  • What is the difference between a safety and a relief valve?
  • How do you size a gas train vent?
  • What do the readings mean on a combustion analyzer?

Almost 300 pages of lessons, stories, and formulas.
Modern Hydronic Heating
Modern Hydronic Heating (Third Edition) by John Siegenthaler
Our Price: $209.95


John Siegenthaler (we call him "Siggy") is hydronic heating's most famous Professional Engineer, and this book became an instant classic when it first appeared in 1995. This Third Edition takes in the many advances made in recent years. The text is 744 pages long and loaded with easy-to-follow diagrams and full-color photos. It's a designer's dream. If you're new to hydronics and looking for a complete, college-level course that you can savor at your own pace, this is the book for you.

Dan Holohan

Primary-Secondary Pumping Made Easy
Primary-Secondary Pumping Made Easy!, by Dan Holohan
Our Price: $25.00


I was fortunate to have had the late, great Gil Carlson as one of my teacher. He invented primary-secondary pumping in the early '50s and went on to do many other things. Over the years, I've watched a lot of trial and error with primary-secondary heating systems. That's a shame because guesswork costs both time and money. In this book, I've used what Gil taught me to show you how to reduce the size of your pipes, valves, fittings and pumps, and how to lower heating system temperature, and all without sacrificing performance or getting into trouble. This book covers two-pipe primary-secondary heating systems, as well as one-pipe heating systems. It shows how to get the most out of two-, three-, and four-way valves, as well as injection pumping. I also give you lots of options for your boiler-room piping (for both single- and multiple-boiler systems). It's loaded with diagrams and I went easy on the math because you may not be an engineer (and neither am I). This book will save you time and money and keep you out of trouble. It is not a primer, but it is easy to understand. And it comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Dan Holohan